Migration to 3.x

Migration to OMD-Labs 3.x

OMD-Labs 3.x comes with some changes which might break existing setups.

Removed Components

A few components have been removed:

  • Nagios 3
  • Icinga 1
  • Nagvis
  • Check_MK

Nagios 3 and Icinga 1 will be automatically migrated to Naemon. Configuration should mostly be compatible.

If you made manual changes to your etc/nagios/nagios.cfg or below etc/nagios/nagios.d then you have manually port those changes to Naemon.


The plugins will now be installed into lib/monitoring-plugins instead of lib/nagios/plugins. The resource.cfg will be changed automatically and there will be a symlink from the old location. So nothing should break.

Local plugins go into local/lib/monitoring-plugins and there is also a symlink from the old location.

Nagios Logos

The logos location has been changed from share/nagios/htdocs/images/logos/ to share/logos/. There will be a symbolic link from the old location.

Same applies to the local folder which has been moved from local/share/nagios/htdocs/images/logos/ to local/share/logos/.


OMD-Labs 3.x comes with a new Ansible version 2.7 which might break existing playbooks. Previous version was 2.3.

There is a porting guide available on ansible.com.