Migration to 4.x

Migration to OMD-Labs 4.x

OMD-Labs 4.x comes with some changes which might break existing setups.

Python 3

OMD uses Python 3 now. All internal scripts have been migrated but it might break other user scripts still using python 2.

The following changes have been made:

  • ~/lib/python contains python3 library files
  • ~/lib/python2 contains python2 library files
  • Default environment including PYTHONPATH is python 3
  • Python 2 scripts can be used by changing PYTHONPATH and using /usr/bin/python2. For example: PYTHONPATH=$OMD_ROOT/lib/python2:$OMD_ROOT/local/lib/python2 /usr/bin/python2 yourscript.py

The update does not touch your local/lib/python. So if it contains python2 libraries, you should move them to local/lib/python2.

Grafana 7

See Whats new in Grafana 7 for more information.